An ode to the elves of local sports


This year’s poem is a shout-out to those who make high school sports happen

‘Twas some time before tip-off, and all through the land,

Many creatures were stirring, and lending a hand.

With uniforms hung in the lockers with care,

They knew student-athletes soon would be there.

The coaches were nestled all snug in their room,

Working together, their athletes to groom.

Building camaraderie, teaching the skills

Needed for victory … climbing the hills.

And just down the hall referees were preparing

Themselves for the contest they soon would be sharing.

With teams squaring off, the game they will manage,

While making sure no one has unfair advantage.

Managers make sure that everything’s ready:

Equipment is working, they stand strong and steady.

Collecting the towels and filling the water,

No detail is missed for their proud alma mater.

Popcorn is popping, concession stands humming

With volunteers cooking, the hot dogs forthcoming.

They’ll give up their time in the stands to be sure

Feeding the fans, these boosters endure.

The medical team is hard at work too,

Doctors and trainers, they know what to do …

Wrapping up ankles, and packing their kits

To be ready for any misfortune that hits.

Bus drivers patiently transport their teams,

While rooting them on, for a win they will beam.

No matter the weather, they keep safe and sound

Their cargo, so precious to families around.

The scoreboards, the buzzers: they won’t run themselves …

More helpers are needed, like Santa’s kind elves.

Statistics are tallied by even more aids,

Who make games official, they’re jacks-of-all-trades.

The soundtracks provided by bands in the stands,

With halftime performances even more grand.

Cheerleaders lifting the spirits of all,

Making the pep-factor rise and not fall.

While up in the press box, by mats or by courts,

Reporters, photographers capture the sports.

Telling the tales of the athletes and teams,

Their stories of triumphs, of lessons, of dreams.

For football, for soccer, for wrestling and more …

Basketball, volleyball and baseball galore.

From the start of the game, ’til that so-final call,

Now thank them, please thank them … from one and from all.

For what would athletics become without those

Who give it their all, from their heads to their toes?

The admins, support staff and all volunteers,

Coaches, custodians … lend us your ears.

Whatever the season: fall, winter or spring,

You make it all happen, you make it all sing.

So gather your clipboards, your poms or your whistles,

You make it look easy — like the down of a thistle.

And though we may not often say it, it’s true …

We really appreciate all that you do.

So hear us proclaim, as it is only right:

Thank you for everything … and to all a good night!