PSU point-counterpoint: What is your best bowl game scenario?

: It would be cool to face Levis in a bowl game

Neil is right. Now, I don’t always like to say that because, well, I don’t want him to get overconfident.

But yes, a Penn State vs. Pitt matchup in a bowl game somewhere would be awesome. I would love to watch Kenny Pickett square off against the Penn State defense.

But there’s another quarterback I wouldn’t mind seeing Penn State play — probably in the Outback Bowl — and that’s Will Levis from Kentucky.

Personally, I just want to talk to him during the pregame interviews and ask him how in the world he can eat a banana with the peel still on, as well as put mayonnaise in his coffee.

Levis actually does that disgusting stuff, you know. He’s gone viral for it this season.

Levis also has made a name for himself on the field, playing well and leading Kentucky to a 6-2 record in the SEC. He has thrown for 1,476 yards with 14 TDs and nine interceptions while completing 66.3 percent.

We never really got to see Levis throw the ball much at Penn State, it was quite comical and ridiculous, in fact, that he became a de facto running back when he would spell Sean Clifford last season.

The PSU coaches just never really let him show off his cannon arm, so he took his ball and transferred someplace he could actually be a quarterback.

Good for Levis for enjoying success with the Wildcats.

To be honest, a Penn State vs. Kentucky bowl game wouldn’t necessarily be a great show, aside from the Levis connection. We already saw that matchup in the Citrus Bowl to end the 2019 season.

But it would be really cool to talk with Levis and get his thoughts on his time at Penn State, the transfer portal and his disgusting eating habits.

You see, we in the media don’t really get to know a lot of Penn State players on a personal level during their college careers. We get a lot of them on weekly Zoom calls or after games, but you can only be so personal in those settings. And we just haven’t been able to talk to backup quarterbacks much over the years.

In that regard, it would be neat to pick Levis’ brain on a lot of issues. He could offer insight into many areas — you’d hope at least — and discuss in detail just how important the transfer portal has become to backup quarterbacks.

Because, as Neil jokingly wrote in my Ohio State game predictions last week, Penn State’s MVPs so far this season have been Levis and PJ Mustipher. It was a great line because not having those two guys are direct reasons why the Lions lost to Iowa and Illinois.

If Levis was still the backup, Penn State would have won both of those games, and would be 8-1 with only a loss to Ohio State.

But it’s not reasonable to think that good backup quarterbacks are going to stay put anymore with the transfer portal.

Levis is exhibit A. So it would be neat to see him play against Penn State and see what he can do.

Cory Giger is a Penn State beat writer for DK Pittsburgh Sports and host of “Sports Central” weekday afternoons from 4-5 on WRTA. Contact him at cgsports12@aol.com.


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