Giger: Night games are a blast! Let’s have lots of them


I think Neil’s bedtime is 10:30. He starts to get a little cranky after that. So it’s understandable he doesn’t like a bunch of night games.

Penn State’s just poking the bear scheduling these things.

I love night games. I stay up late anyway, so it’s no bother to me.

I’m guessing most of you love night games, too.

We all have our different reasons. But the biggest reasons probably have to be the day-long tailgate party (and consuming extra adult beverages for many) outside the stadium, followed by the incredible atmosphere inside once the game gets under way.

Beaver Stadium at night, particularly when there’s a whiteout, is a spectacular sight. The place is rocking, the energy is electric and … on and on.

I don’t really feel the need to explain any further because it should be obvious to everyone that night games are a whole heck of a lot of fun.

Our question today is whether Penn State is playing too many night games. My answer is a resounding no.

There are 12 games each season. If a team is playing nine night games, that would be a problem. The Nittany Lions usually play three or four.

What’s the big deal?

The players love them. The fans love them.

Coaches may not like them as much because they can create logistical issues keeping all the players on the team occupied throughout the day, especially on the road.

Probably nobody cares much about my schedule, but it is a big reason why I like night games.

I get off work around 2 a.m. Friday when Penn State is at home. A noon game is crushing to my system.

A 3:30 game is better, because I can sleep in a bit and then spend a little bit of time with my wife and kids.

Night games are the best because I feel like I can have a full day with my family before heading out to the stadium.

One other thing: I’m usually one of the last writers finished with all my stories for most PSU games. But for night games, we have a deadline to meet, there’s no time to waste, and I typically am one of the first writers finished. Then I leave just about when the traffic is winding down.

Again, maybe folks don’t care about any of that, but it’s a big deal to me.

Oh, and there’s absolutely nothing better than a night game on the road. Neil and I fly into the road city on Friday, and if there’s a night game, I treat that Saturday like a mini-vacation — breakfast at a nice place, maybe take in a movie. It’s awesome.

A couple of years ago I spent the Saturday at Iowa visiting the Field of Dreams site. It was a memory of a lifetime.

So, home or away, give me night games any time.

Cory Giger can be reached at cgiger@altoonamirror.com.


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