Krug’s book on habitat will certainly grow on you

Joe Krug has written a book, a special and specialized kind of book, one that will be of great value to anyone who ever planted an apple tree in the backyard and wondered why it died. It’s called “It’s All About Habitat.” And it is!

When Krug understood that habitat is wildlife’s greatest need for survival, he determined to learn the right facts about how to plant things for wildlife so that they will survive and produce fruit, nuts, berries and browse for nature’s children.

He had done some planting on his own but had poor results. When he became really active in the Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Turkey Federation, he began to read and experiment with the proper way to go about planting and cultivating wildlife foods that would flourish and bear fruit.

He became habitat chairman for that organization which has planted hundreds of fruit trees and created scores of clearings and more. I must say that nearly all the special interest wildlife groups began to see the wisdom of providing proper food and cover for their particular bird or animal of interest. That’s why they hold find-raising banquets, to fund these habitat improvement efforts.

Krug became a specialist and expert in the planting and nurturing of wildlife food. The first shock came when he understood that going out into the woods or fields, digging a hole, sticking a sapling into the hole, filling the hole in and not checking on the tree for a year was a lot of wasted time and energy. Most would be dead or dying.

Krug set up an experimental garden at his own home in Portage and set about to learn the proper way to plant for wildlife. It took a couple years for trial and error and proper instruction from professional orchardists but he was a quick learner. Soon others were seeking his advice. His expertise was sought from many corners of the state and beyond so he began thinking about putting it all in a book.

And now he has. I’ve read the book and I’m telling you that it is about the finest book I’ve ever read on such a subject. First of all, it is truly interesting.

Krug explains in simple style how to plant, water, fence fertilize, prune, spray and harvest fruit trees, especially apple trees which seem to be every bird and animal’s favorite. It’s an “everything you ever wanted to know about planting fruit trees” book that will hold your attention until the end of the book.

The book is filled with photos and illustrations. This book is not a novel but if you have an interest in planting wildlife food and improving wildlife habitat this book spells it all out in very understandable and entertaining terms.

I recommend that every sportsmen’s club and person who has been frustrated by the failure of their amateur attempts at improving wildlife habitat read it. Following this book will make your life easier.

Krug has won many awards and commendations for his knowledge on the subject. He is an avid hunter, traveling to many states to enjoy the hunting seasons. He knows how to prepare venison and other wild fare. He especially favors deer and wild turkey hunting.

He wrote touching tributes to a few of the early pioneers in wild turkey lore, those who taught all turkey hunters how to do it. People like Roger Latham, Game Commission biologist in the 1960s and 1970s, Jerry Wunz, who once told Joe, “You ought to write a book.” I also knew Wunz and can assure you that he would have endorsed this book.

The book is available at Amazon and all major book stores. Remember that Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day are fast approaching and it would make a great gift.


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