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Often I have declared that I hated the children’s book “Bambi” because of the totally false picture it presents to children of life in the woods and fields.

So as I sat by my fireplace recently, reading a book called “Growing up with Guns” written by Steve Sorensen, a friend and fellow outdoor writer, I was amazed to come upon a chapter that espoused the same thought. I was elated to read it.

Sorensen certainly did not consult with me about the writing of his book. I have seldom ever heard anyone else echo the thought that this “delightful” children’s book is a biased, unreal depiction of what goes on in the wild.

“Growing up with Guns” is a great book, the outdoors with a spiritual emphasis written from the events of his own life, his memories of experiences in the hunting scene, and people with whom he shared his experiences.

Sorensen writes about hunter stereotypes that are so false and how they have taken root; about how man is the essential predator and the rightness of hunting and so many more thoughtful subjects. I loved this book. That’s why I’m telling you about it. It’s a great read and will fill you full of ammunition to use against anti-hunters, especially those who have never held a gun in their hands or taken a step in the woods during hunting season.

For those of you who are dedicated archery hunters or deer hunters in any season, he has also written a book called “Secrets of Using Pre-Orbital Gland Lure.”

“Serious hunters have solved the riddle of the licking branch,” he declares in this book and tells you exactly how to utilize this technique in your own hunts.

To find out more about his books, go to EverydayHunter.com. I guarantee that you will be glad you did. These two books would make wonderful birthday, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day gifts.

I love outdoor books and have a lot of them. Such reading by the fireplace is one of my favorite pastimes.

Right now is the time of year that we are trying to find good recipes to use with our venison. By the way, Sorensen’s book has a terrific and unusual recipe for cooking venison backstrap. Here’s a practical recipe we can make for our families given to me by a dear friend, Susie Schroeder of Altoona.



n 1/4 stick butter

n 1 small onion

n 2 pounds venison steak

n ™ cup chopped green pepper

n 8 oz. sweet pickle juice

n 1 can stewed tomatoes

n McCormick Steak Seasoning to taste

In a large frying pan, melt butter, then brown steaks, then add the pickle juice, stewed tomatoes, diced onion, peppers and McCormick seasoning. Cover with water and cook over a low flame for about an hour until tender.

Susie says that the pickle juice is the “secret ingredient,” which serves as a tenderizer. Take it from me, it’s delicious.

My hunting buddy, Bob Beck of Duncansville, gave me this recipe that is so easy and so good I make it for myself. It is also quite good in the crock-pot.


n 2 medium-sized venison steaks

n 1 package onion soup mix

n 1 medium onion

n 2 green peppers, sliced

n 1 large can stewed tomatoes

n 12-15 mushrooms, sliced

Brown the steaks, then add all the other ingredients. Add one cup of water, cover and simmer slowly until meat is tender.

A friend once gave me this recipe for barbecued venison steak. You won’t be sorry you tried it.


n 1 cup catsup

n ¢ cup water

n ™ cup chopped onion

n ¢ cup chopped sweet pepper

n 1-¢ tbsp. Worcestershire sauce,

n 2 tbs. brown sugar

n ¢ tsp. salt

n 4 pounds venison steak

Combine all ingredients except steak and bring to a boil, then simmer 3 minutes. Pour over the steak, cover and bake at 350 degrees for 1-¢to 2 hours, depending on thickness of steak. So easy and so good.

For a savory roast or also with steak, mix 1 can of cream of mushroom soup and one can water, ¢ a package of dry onion soup mix, then pour over meat and cook until done.

Here’s a great way to cook venison hamburger that everyone will like. If you don’t tell anyone it’s venison, they won’t know.


n 1 pound ground meat

n 1-¢cup chopped onion

n 1-¢ cups milk

n § cup Bisquick

n 2 sliced tomatoes

n 3 eggs

n ¢ tsp. salt

n ™ tsp. pepper

n 1 cup shredded cheese.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease a baking dish. Cook hamburger with onion, then drain and spread in dish. Beat milk, Bisquick, eggs, salt and pepper. Pour into the dish. Top with tomatoes and cheese. Bake about 3o minutes or until casserole is browned and cheese is melted.

Frankly, my absolute way to prepare venison steaks and chops is the simplest way: saute them quickly on a hot stove. I fry up a batch of onions and mushrooms, and peppers if you like, and when almost done, set them aside.

Then drop the chops or steak into the pan and fry quickly on each side, taking care not to overcook. When browned on both sides, add the onion mixture, cook a bit longer and you have a dish fit for the hunter to enjoy.


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