Made-for-TV golf pretty enjoyable

They aren’t real competitions, but somehow I find myself enjoying the made-for-TV golf exhibitions that have been aired in recent years.

The latest, dubbed the Match IV, took place earlier this week and featured the team of Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady versus Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers.

Each competitor is miked up, so it’s fun to hear the needling and other banter that goes on between shots. Each player also wears an earpiece so they can also interact with the announcers and other commentators. It is definitely a change of pace when compared to the calm and cool demeanor expressed at regular PGA Tour events.

Of the many memorable shots hit in this Match, DeChambeau’s amazing 480-yard drive on the par-5 eighth hole, will be remembered by most golf fans. The $26 million raised for pandemic relief during the broadcast will also not soon be forgotten.

Adam Osborne

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece about Adam Osborne, the Bellwood-native who recently began working for PING Golf Company.

One of the subjects I was really curious about was whether Osborne had ever seen the mysteriously famous PING Vault, a guarded room at the company’s Phoenix headquarters that houses thousands of gold-plated putters, replicas of PING putters used by winners of PGA, LPGA and other significant, world-wide events.

Well, it turns out he did … and he has a couple of photos to prove it.

By the way, Osborne is home visiting family and is playing in the Sinking Valley Classic this weekend.

Pa. Father/Son

The Pennsylvania Father/Son Championship will be held on Monday and Tuesday at nearby Bedford Springs Resort. The tournament features the best golfers from all across Pennsylvania, and our area will be well represented in the event.

Local entries include Sinking Valley’s Greg and Andrew Ferguson, Iron Masters’ Ron and Spencer Hinish, Huntingdon’s Lantz and Luke Thompson, and two teams from Down River, Jessie and Corey Reighard, and Carl Michel Sr. and Jr.

Ken Love writes a weekly golf column for the Mirror.


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