Contz’s column on ND

shows his hypocrisy

Former Penn State football player Bill Contz criticized Notre Dame in the Mirror last weekend for not canceling a game over a week away.

I find this to be hypocritical.

If I remember correctly, James Franklin was one of the biggest voices in criticizing the Big Ten when it initially canceled the season. Unless I missed it, I do not recall Contz stating that Franklin was wrong or that PSU was in it only for the money.

The former player mentioned that he is now old. Maybe his memory of his playing days has faded. I am slightly older yet can remember back to playing ball in high school.

We would have been devastated if unable to play due to a pandemic.

I have no doubt that Notre Dame is trying to field a team for a variety of reasons and not solely money. Most notable is to give the players this experience and for the fans who demand it.

Quite frankly, I believe that the criticism against Notre Dame is rooted more deeply than this fan wants to admit.

Doug Stoehr


Look for O’Brien

to rebound from Texans

After Coach Bill O’Brien and his Houston Texans lost to the Steelers, a thought ran across my mind that his program was in trouble.

I can’t put my finger on the dismal play of the Texans, other than lack of chemistry and poor coaching.

I believe firmly O’Brien will rebound and find a job in the NFL, maybe even here in the East. I don’t think there is a place for him with our Nittany Lions, but maybe one with the Pittsburgh Steelers or New England Patriots.

O’Brien and his family must find a special medical hospital to meet the needs of his oldest son.

Prayers are with him and his family.

Les Hart



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