A holiday ode to winter sports

This year’s poem celebrates the Winter Sports Season

‘Twas some time before Christmas and all through the region,

The athletes were stirring… here comes a new season.

With singlets and uniforms doled out with care,

The hope of a championship floats through the air.

The coaching staff, nestled all snug in their office,

You better believe, they for sure are the bosses.

Drawing up line-ups and game-plans and more,

Ensuring their team can find all ways to score.

The days growing shorter, the nights seem so long,

We’ll head to the gym where the heat will be on.

While the snowflakes will fall and the colder winds blow,

The winter sports season will steal the show.

While out in the weight room arises a clatter,

Everyone gathers to see what’s the matter.

Bench presses, leg lifts, power squats, curls…

This training strengthens the boys and the girls.

The hardwood is humming, the sneakers, they’re squeaking

A shot from downtown will have everyone shrieking.

Basketballs bouncing, the breakaway on,

Each play with precision now, pre-season’s gone.

The clock winding down and the score all-too-tight,

The fans on feet, what will happen tonight?

Pass it around, now the buzzer you’re beating…

The game in the bag, your opponents, retreating.

Elsewhere, the grapplers are taking the mat

To battle your foe, and stay off of your back.

Years of preparing the body and mind,

Your dreams and commitment are fully aligned.

With laser-trained focus you set your goals high,

A trip to the Hershey Arena you spy…

But first comes a schedule so grueling and taxing,

You’ll dream of the day when you could be relaxing.

This time of the year is for baskets and pins,

Competitive cheering, and diving and swims,

For some its gymnastics, for some, indoor track,

For all, it’s competing when skies are pitch black.

When weekends are here we can head to for the snow,

With skis and toboggans and tubes, here we’ll go,

To the top of the mountain, and the top of the world,

Now down we go, down we go, watch the snow swirl.

While some will lament for the warm weather gone,

And spend every day looking forward to dawn;

The springtime will come, like it does every year,

But until then, embrace what is happening here.

This burgeoning schedule, just packed-full of sports

A time to make memories on mats and on courts,

They’ll work and they’ll play for their teams through the season:

The playoffs, and championships, you know the reason.

In gyms and in classrooms they’ll answer the call,

Creating excitement for one and for all,

So enjoy all the action, take in all the sights,

Happy winter to all, and to all a good night!

Kellie Goodman Shaffer can be reached at kellie@bedfordcountychamber.org. Her column appears on Tuesdays.


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