PSU fans really can’t complain

I watched The NitWits TV show after the loss to Iowa and I got a kick out of the panel’s comments.

But then again, what would one expect from Penn State homers?

Keith Conlin seemed to believe that the game was over by the time Sean Clifford was hurt. Apparently he had a crystal ball that showed that an excellent Iowa coaching staff would fail to make any adjustments in the next two-plus quarters to what Penn State was doing.

Look at what happened to Texas against Oklahoma Saturday. And for that matter, I can remember a Top-5 ranked Penn State team that was probably better than this year’s addition going into Kinnick a few years back and “boatracing” the Hawks — as Conlin likes to call it — in the first half only to lose the game.

So there are two halves to every game.

Penn State losing Clifford was only one third of the reason why they lost. One third of the reason was the fact that when you play strong defense and have an outstanding special teams unit that Iowa always has, you can keep close in any game.

You win the battle of field position and have the patience to wait for mistakes from your opponent. And that Iowa does.

Finally, the last third was due to the fact PSU’s highly regarded backup quarterback, who is rated higher than anyone on the Iowa roster, was ill-prepared to handle the spotlight, and since Penn State can’t run with the ball, there was no help from that quarter.

Instead of Penn State nation whining about losing the game because of losing Clifford, they should be angry about why the backup QB was so ineffective.

Finally, I heard comments about Iowa fans booing injured Penn State players who the fans thought were stalling to cut down Iowa momentum.

Just for the record, no one in Nittany Lion land should ever complain about other team’s fans, because they very well might have the worst.

I have lived in Altoona for 30 years, am retired but the company I worked for had numerous seats about Beaver Stadium.

I brought customers to the State vs. Nebraska night game several years ago and was shocked by the rowdiness and profanity spewing from Penn State fans, within earshot of children.

I brought an out-of-town Ohio State customer to one game, and they were harassed the whole game by those sitting behind them.

I have read letters in the Mirror about out-of-town fans being harassed and swore at as they walked through the tailgates in the parking lot.

The whiteout games are full of fans that have been pouring down drinks all day, so look out if you dare to come to the game dressed in the opponent’s colors.

And just recently, someone who I used to work with and is an Auburn grad had a tailgate gathering at the Auburn-State game and had to listen to bad mouthing them.

I have talked to some Penn State grads who have been to Kinnick to see games there and have had nothing but good things to say about their experience.

Iowa fans in general, along with those from Wisconsin and Nebraska, are the most cordial in the Big Ten, and Penn State fans could learn a lot from them.

Mike Burroughs



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