PSU needs stronger

mask requirement

Of all the changes to Beaver Stadium admission and operation this year, the most important element seems to have been totally discarded.

That being the requirement to “mask-up” while at indoor portions of the stadium.

Does anybody in stadium management understand that the COVID-19 pandemic continues? Have Penn State Athletics been made aware of the spread of the Delta variant?

Sans a few announcements on the public address system, I couldn’t find any evidence of Covid precautions at last Saturday’s game.

There were no “mask-up” signs or any enforcement/cajoling at any rest rooms or concession areas. (Yes, employees were wearing masks, Fans, not much at all.)

Interestingly, uniformed state police officers using the indoor men’s rooms were not wearing masks.

I attended the opener at Camp Randall Stadium in Wisconsin, and there was no comparison.

Camp Randall had attendants reminding fans to mask-up. Yes, from personal observation, not all Badger fans heeded the advice but a 50% mask rate in Madison is safer than a 0% rate at University Park.

Yes, when indoors I saw local law enforcement officers wearing masks.

By the university’s own admission, only 80% of students have been vaccinated. That translates to 7,000 unvaccinated students — or roughly the population of Bellefonte dumped unvaccinated into the heart of Happy Valley.

Now add the unvaccinated percentage of the general population and the unvaccinated numbers in Beaver Stadium may well have been in excess of 30,000.

So what about the high rollers? I spoke with several employees who provided services in the Penn State luxury suites.

“How many were following the guidance to wear masks?” I asked.

The sad answer: “Virtually none.”

Wouldn’t it be a shame if a Covid outbreak at University Park robbed this team and loyal fans of what looks like a really enjoyable season?

The least Penn State can do is enforce its existing mask mandate for the health of all of us and as a bit of insurance that the 2021 season may be successfully completed.

We’ve waited too long to have this season spoiled.

Greg Guise

Ferguson Twp.


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