Fishing for wild trout

should be preserved

The diabolical plot to grab over 2,800 miles of Class A trout streams from bait anglers by some commissioners was voted down by other commissioners.

Science prevailed, and it showed no damaging effects of bait fishing on wild trout.

The scam was orchestrated by a commissioner so he and his fly fishing buddies would have the only access to these waters.

He claimed it was to protect the resource. If protection was the case, he should not be allowed to fish these waters, either.

The best protection would be no fishing at all. If he were excluded, I am sure his attitude would change.

The Pennsylvania Native Fish Coalition has similar goals. They want the Fish and Boat Commission to halt stocking trout on native brook trout populations.

There are many streams in both northern and central Pennsylvania that have wild brook trout populations.

It would greatly reduce the number of fishing opportunities in these areas. It is just another example of an organization trying to keep your average Joe bait fisherman out.

Neither proposal would enhance fishing for anyone but themselves. Protection of the resource? My foot.

Nick Vrabel



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