Osaka deserves credit, not shame

The ill treatment of 23-year-old Naomi Osaka, professional tennis player was shameful.

Once again, as usual, an individual with mental health issues is chastised and shunned rather than shown compassion.

Because I have battled mental illnesses for over 35 years, I laud the strength shown by Ms. Osaka in publicizing her plight.

I know very well the stigma our country continues to engender in its attitude toward someone battling mental illness(es).

The piece-meal efforts to address mental illness in our country are atrocious. Until a concerted effort is made to bring together into one unit the many scattered mental health organizations, our country will continue to treat those with mental health illnesses as failures.

Again, I applaud Naomi Osaka for her bravery in divulging her mental health illness.

Kay Wawrynovic, Hollidaysburg


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