In Shrewsberry, PSU made a good choice

During the years of Penn State basketball under previous head basketball coaches Jerry Dunn, Ed DeChellis and Pat Chambers, the Nittany Lion administration always hired class guys, but they lacked the experience to lead a Big Ten team.

My opinion is reinforced by looking at their records at Penn State. Granted, the new coach, Micah Shrewsberry, has never been a head coach.

Previous coaches had the experience of being head coaches, but that didn’t necessarily make them winners.

Shrewsberry has had experience as an assistant in the Big Ten as well as in the professional ranks.

He has been a top recruiter and had a great deal of experience reaching the NCAA Tournament.

Shrewsberry has retained some of the players who went into the transfer portal and appears to be recruiting well.

The quality of his choices for assistants speak for themselves. Keeping two past PSU assistants and former Penn State players was a smart decision and a class act.

My gut feeling is that Penn State hired the right person this time, and I hope we see a successful basketball program.

Byron Lasser



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