Barbour sold

PSU search short

Sandy Barbour is a politically pressured puppet.

When would Penn State ever stand for hiring a head football coach with no head coaching experience?

They wouldn’t.

Men’s basketball at Penn State isn’t important to them. If it were, an experienced, successful head coach would have been hired.

Why do athletes choose to go to a specific school? There are multiple secondary reasons. The primary reason, however, is the coach.

Quality players want to play for a proven winner. Quality players aspire to make it to the next level.

Quality players interview the coach as much as the coach interviews them.

Penn State’s men’s basketball track record is horrible. Since joining the Big Ten, the Nittany Lions’ winning percentage, in conference, is less than 50%.

This program needs an AD with guts.

Find a proven, experienced, winning head coach with magnetism who will draw the attention of high quality basketball players.

Unless you do, the program will never be something to be proud of.

Tom Miles


Ferry left a legacy

similar to O’Brien

In many ways Jim Ferry’s tenure this past season as head coach of Nittany Lion basketball team was in many ways similar to that of Bill O’Brien as head football coach.

The difference is O’Brien came willingly and was able to leave on his own choosing.

Ferry was already here accepting the job as its title indicated — interim head coach, nothing more.

Both came into seemingly near-hopeless situations not of their doing — O’Brien dealing with sanctions, loss of scholarships, a few key players bailing out.

Ferry had no time to prepare for the role of head coach of the program. It was virtually thrust upon him when the season was about to start.

Let’s add, too, the historical footnote of games canceled because of COVID-19, with players quarantined without even practice time on the court.

Both held their teams together and morale remained high — an amazing achievement. Both teams were competitive. The team spirit under Ferry made his squad special also. Much credit is due the players as well.

Both coaches handled media scrutiny to the highest level, shrugging off the negatives of both programs that brought them to the head coaching jobs.

They went about their respective duties admirably.

O’Brien went on to bigger rewards.

Ferry will likely step out of the limelight of big-time college basketball forever given his age.

We Penn State fans owe a lot of respect to Jim Ferry. When we think of Bill O’Brien and what he did for Penn State, let us not forget Jim Ferry.

He is just as deserving.

Dave Semler



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