Don’t let Penn State spending go too far

I enjoyed Neil Rudel’s article on the multi-million dollar improvement project for the Penn State Lasch football complex.

Rudel is pretty good about including all the details when he writes a story, so it was odd that he missed the part on how much money former players Lavar Arrington and Brandon Short were chipping in.

These millionaires and former full scholarship guys were pretty fired up about how PSU needs to update their facilities to keep up with the Joneses.

Apparently that excitement came up a little short when it came to the point of making a little donation.

I guess they feel that’s really not their place. They just want the football team to keep winning. Well, gents, me too.

But don’t worry guys: The rest of us parents are glad to help out.

Anything we can do to keep the Ws coming, so the four- and five-star high school stars aren’t disgusted with the obvious below par accommodations they have to put up with when visiting.

I have to go. It’s time for another payment for my PSU sophomore and recent PSU grad.

Jeff Bartlett


Time isn’t right

for Lasch addition

Concerning Penn State’s vote to make improvements to the Lasch Building, don’t you think having to borrow half of the funds when hardships are facing so many is outrageous?

Roger Coplan

State College


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