PSU basketball

needs to start

with clean slate

I really enjoyed Neil Rudel’s article on Penn State basketball last week.

That was before the Nittany Lions lost to Nebraska, but there is tradition and it must be upheld.

I think Sandy Barbour has to paint a picture to a potential coach as a beginning.

Not a new beginning or picking up from where Patrick Chambers left off — a beginning with no past and no almost.

Like a blank canvas.

Although the Nebraska loss was a little different since we were behind and made a comeback it ended as another defeat.

I am more used to them coming from ahead to lose, which I usually put on Chambers. Yelling, screaming and grunting from the bench took the place of strategy.

I wish Barbour luck in putting this together.

Meanwhile, football has me thoroughly confused. I think it’s great that our assistants are in demand, but something seems to be amiss.

Too many leaving every year should be a concern to James Franklin.

At the same time you can’t blame any of these folks taking a promotion. Are our assistant coaches paid similarly to Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee, et al?

Mark Goodman

Novato, Calif.

Watt could brighten

outlook for Steelers

I saw in the Mirror that the Houston Texans and J.J. Watt agreed to part ways.

Now, that would open the door for J.J. Watt to sign with the Steelers if they can stay under the salary cap?

I would hope that the Steelers would unite Watt with his brothers and be an unbelievable powerful force.

But I know there are some in the organization that believe there are other positions that are weak and must be shored up to be competitive again.

Les Hart



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