Penn State looks to be settling for Ferry

Is Penn State just trying to make us think they are truly interested in a national search for a new basketball coach?

AD Sandy Barbour has already vetted candidates while saying that Interim Coach Ferry is auditioning for the job.

She has stated that he is doing a terrific job under the circumstances and very pleased with the way he has handled the team.

Skipping over the smaller, non-Division I schools, let’s take a look at Ferry’s record once he started at Long Island University in the Northeast Conference.

In 10 years, he won 50% of his games and 54% of conference games.

After only one winning season in his first eight years, he hit it big the last two years by going to the Big Dance and making it to the second round.

The last two years at LIU got him a jump up to Duquesne in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Ferry was let go after five years without a winning season at Duquesne with a record of 60-97 overall and a conference record of 21-65.

The dilemma:

What would you do if you were looking for a Penn State coach?

Do you keep a coach you are very familiar with that has a losing record in DI coaching or do you look for a young coach already coaching in a mid-level DI school with a winning record?

Personally, I feel Penn State is blowing smoke and has already made up its mind by going with a good person, whom they are familiar with and at a price they are willing to pay.

I hope I am wrong.

Byron Lasser


‘Generally,’ Pirates will be bad again

There is a basketball team named the Washington Generals. This team opposes the Harlem Globetrotters.

The Trotters run over, around and through them regularly so victories for them were very few.

After watching the owners from the Pittsburgh Pirates dismantle a team that was already among the worst in 2020, victories in 2021 will most likely be few.

This may be a good time to rename them the Pittsburgh Generals.

By the way: I am a Altoona Curve regular and can’t wait for “Play Ball” in 2021.

Raymond Scanlan


Brady is quarterback who turns back time

Should we be surprised to see the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their first year with Tom Brady make it into the Super Bowl?

This stud doesn’t age one day.

At age 43, he could play a few more years..

This year we saw Philip Rivers retire at the end of the season with Drew Brees probably following suit.

With age shadowing their performance, they knew time was not in their favor when they would win their next or final Super Bowl title so they disappeared into the sunset.

Closely behind them was Ben Roethlisberger coming off elbow surgery. The Steelers jumped off to an amazing 11 consecutive wins before they fizzled down the stretch.

Brady is truly the exception.

Les Hart



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