Big Ben’s career may end on sad note

The game was over, players milling around, and the TV camera moved in on a figure dressed in the familiar black and gold and sitting alone on the bench and showing that lost look in his eyes.

It was Big Ben Roethlisberger, and his eyes told the whole story.

There was a new bully in town, this time the new-look Cleveland Browns and what a story they could tell when they got back to Cleveland.

But let’s get back to the stoic figure sitting on the bench. His position and his eyes told the story of the once great Pittsburgh Steelers.

If you saw the game, the description was the look of a battlefield.

Big Ben’s eyes told the entire story. Read his eyes and it told the story of a future Hall of Famer who realized it was time for him to hang it up and retire.

Maybe his future is in coaching or becoming a TV football analyst up in the booth. Thanks for the great ride, Ben.

It’s time to watch your family grow up and now smell the roses of life.

Les Hart



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