For PSU, 2021

surely will be better

About this time most years, Penn State fans are returning from a good bowl game in a warm area of the country.

In 2019, the Nittany Lions were in the midst of being a top-5 team, stumbled twice and went on to the Cotton Bowl to post a win over Memphis.

Their No. 11 finish created a bright future for 2020.

But then, COVID-19 turned America and the world into a killing field.

The 2020 Nittany Lions, on paper, had a top-10 team but never materialized due to their best player opting out to prepare for the NFL Draft, and then the injury bug hit some of their other key players.

Their dream was shattered, losing their first five games but finished on a positive note by winning their last four games before deciding to forego o a bowl game.

It was the players’ choice.

But there were some positives as some freshmen and sophomore players emerged as future stars. Penn State had something to look forward to in 202l.

Now fans can look to a potential national championship wrestling team and a rebuilding men’s hockey team, which has promise to turn things around.

Things can only turn better in 2021.

Les Hart



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