Story on Conlan stirred good memories

I enjoyed Neil Rudel’s fine story on Shane Conlan.

Being from Frewsburg, N.Y., I graduated a couple of years ahead of Conlan. He was part of original start-up football program in the school and played running back/linebacker.

He came from a solid family unit and his dad was a state trooper.

We don’t see enough of that character building in sports these days.

It was a thrill following his career and then joining the Buffalo Bills (who I still root for) and having great success at that professional level.

Tom Lundgren


PSU seniors turned up passion to end season

Penn State ended a season that will never be forgotten in many ways.

Their passion at the end of the year was great.

I would like to have seen a bowl matchup, but it is time to go home and spend time with the family.

The seniors deserve appreciation.

Randy Sibert


Nittany Lions overcame, should be applauded

The Nittany Lions should be applauded, even at 4-5.

They had much to overcome with the COVID-19 pandemic, key team injuries, their best player opting out for the draft, and probably not too many people gave issue to and that was coach James Franklin keeping his family safe down in Deston, Florida because his daughter Addison has Sickle Cell.

He was away from them since beginning of March.

And now, he has the support from AD Sandy Barbour to find a way to bring his family back safely to State College.

The team overcame much adversity and learned much in dealing with it. They will be much stronger going into 2021 with their weight training program.

I think we fans have something positive to look for next season.

Les Hart



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