Searching for real candor in sports world

Has there ever been a time in history when sports figures moved their mouths so much but said so little?

And when they slip and actually do say anything, rest assured, their PR coaches are summoned quickly to remind them what they meant to say, and the next day we either get a nicely constructed written statement (signed by but certainly never read or written by said offender) or a short vanilla comment usually zoomed so no one can ask any follow-up questions.

Now as much as I hate the fact that hearing from these players and coaches is as boring as many of the days have been during this period we’re all going through, I can understand why they have to watch every word they say.

With social media getting more and more aggressive, and with main-stream media anxious to jump on whatever the majority of the population is clicking or swiping so they can make a big deal out of nothing, it makes sense that the world has turned Belichick-ean.

As long as we’re talking about job security, we can thank Andy Reid as being the forefather for the surest way to get your bosses and fans off your back if things are tough. Just blame yourself.

Not saying it’s a bad idea, actually ingenious, but it doesn’t always work in real life.

“Honey, I know I said I would empty the dishwasher and take the dog for a walk, but these Sopranos reruns just sucked me in. I’m sorry, I can do better. This all starts with me.”

Let’s just say after 30 years of marriage, a longer list of chores is the only thing that started with me the next day.

There are still a few players and coaches who don’t care about the bottom of the screen scroll with meaningless comments from meaningless events. We still have Greg Popovich, Steve Kerr, Mike Tomlin and a few others.

But you have to be vested, made men who couldn’t care less if they got fired tomorrow because every other team would snatch them up.

In the meantime, my hopes of a new Charles Barkley, who once claimed his only regret in throwing a disruptive fan out of a window was that he wasn’t on a higher floor, will continue.

Jeff Bartlett



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