Ominous clouds hovering over PSU

The damp dark gray Sunday morning mirrors my mood.

Do the Nittany Lions simply write off another embarrassing loss and the possibility of a no-win season to COVID-19 and associated travails? Or is that giving management a free pass?

For example, I didn’t cringe at the decision to go for it twice on fourth down. But the play selection against a robust run defense with Will Levis trying to scoot through the A gap? Poor coaching, in my mind.

Yes, I feel for all the guys injured and the commitments they made. While Pat Freiermuth may have sacrificed millions of dollars to fulfill his commitment to the team this year, others seem to just be phoning it in.

Which leads to a question: Is there a systemic problem with the football team and athletic department?

Football players going through the motions, a lawsuit by a former player and basketballers decommitting left and right with the remaining players seemingly left in the dark about their coaches’ departure could make a person feel something other than the pandemic is out of control.

Greg Guise

Ferguson Township

Best thing about 2020

it will be over soon

Can’t block. Can’t tackle. Can’t run the ball. Can’t kick.

Recivers struggle to get open. Quarterback play is below average. Playcalling is awful. Defense is subpar.

The Penn State team is just terrible in all three phases. If that’s not bad enough, this team has no pride and no heart. New coaches or not, this is unacceptable, and it starts at the top.

This staff lost the locker room, and the players have checked out. I’m going to sum this season up as #2020 and move on.

Mike Allison



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