Young captures fish controversy

I wanted to express a comment about “There’s no real need to cry over spilled carp” written in the Nov. 7-Nov. 8 edition by Walt Young.

Thank you, Mr. Young.

While I am not a fisherman — I, too, was very interested in the situation happening near Lakemont dam.

Last week as I drove to Logan Town Centre by way of Route 36, I saw the protesters holding signs, etc.

The way Young explained everything was extremely helpful. He gave us tremendous research and laid it out so the reader quickly understands all the facts.

What great journalism.

Joseph Doyle


All hail the Dodgers

It took 32 years for the Dodgers to win a World Series.

I am so proud of my Dodgers this year. The Dodgers can’t say “wait until next year.”

Next year has arrived.

John Wise



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