Franklin can’t do it on day of the game

Regularly attending Penn State games since 1969, and a season-ticket holder since 1976, it’s obvious to me that Penn State’s administration and athletic director Sandy Barbour have made a conscious decision for mediocrity.

James Franklin has taken Penn State to a level of mediocrity that is acceptable to their standards.

He has had the benefit of the largest living alumni population in the world — hundreds of thousands of loyal graduates and fans, record attendance and state-of- -the-art facilities.

Franklin was hired to compete at the highest level — for Big Ten and national championships.

Losses to Ohio State and Michigan were expected occasionally, but losses Temple, Kentucky, Minnesota and Indiana are unacceptable.

Against IU, Franklin again showed a compete lack of game-day ability. With 1:47 left, he failed to strategize properly by not taking a knee on four straight plays to run out the clock, allowing Indiana to have the ball with less than 30 seconds to play and 90 yards to cover.

Franklin had nine months to prepare for an average team. He got outcoached, and the team got outplayed.

He once again proved to be the worst game-day coach in college football.

Ed Hill


Kershaw gets ring

he needed with LA

After 31 years, finally, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series.

Now that the albatross has been lifted from around their necks, they can relax and maybe know they have the “grit” to do well in the playoffs and World Series.

For Clayton Kershaw, he needed a World Series to add to his Hall of Fame credentials, Also getting Mookie Betts from Boston was a gem.

Les Hart, Duncansville


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