Case of bad timing hits Franklin, PSU

Here’s my take on the Penn State football season.

Could James Franklin be any unluckier?

He can’t keep his staff together like, ever.

His best team is during the pandemic.

His best player can’t bother to come back to the team when play starts.

His recruiting is worse than Rutgers.

Everything was aligning for this to be his entrance into the “elite” programs he was hoping for, and now this.

I think we’ll be lucky to win at Michigan and there’s no way we beat Ohio State, whose best players came back, by the way.

I’m thinking about two losses (Ohio State and Michigan) and a return to the Cotton Bowl.

Hopefully next year will be a pleasant surprise and a great 2022 recruiting class will put us back on track.

Of all the programs in the country, the pandemic caused the most damage in State College.

Steve Abrams

Los Angeles


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