New political low has been reached

Character assassination is distinctly the order of the day. This is not to be accepted for the good of the country. It is alive and well.

The question is rather obvious and the roots for World War III are well underway. The battleground — whether we like it or not — is in the continental United States.

Readers are entitled to ask: “What is going on?”

The newest low in national politics has been reached. A distinguished jurist with an impeccable record is smeared unmercifully by opponents only because he has been nominated to the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump.

This whole deal is disgusting. A charge of some sex assault from 36 years ago is raging. So-called Senate leaders of the minority have displayed reckless conduct to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

This irresponsible conduct is beyond understanding. The nation is reeling from a dangerous form of warfare. The shameful conduct has encouraged and opened doors to destroy all that is good. The foundations of the country are shaking.

If the destruction attempts continue, which countries will come to help? International “friends” will take great joy that this nation has sunk to their levels.

Usually when Americans decide their leaders of the defeated, they jump in to help the country to grow and do what it always has done. Lots of people have been living the good life forever and enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Since the moment President Trump was elected, certified as the winner and inaugurated, he has been undermined every moment of every day. Yet, he has kept at his desk, the telephone and by direct communication with the people, multi-millions no less. He is no pantywaist, nor namby-pandy. This surely panics his haters.

Rather than continue with the warfare to destroy “America the Beautiful,” time is proper and overdue to accept Mr. Trump as The Leader.

How sad it is that the once sacrosanct Federal Bureau of Investigation hierarchy is tainted by trying to thwart Donald Trump’s victory and to hopefully remove him from the Oval Office.

Those in the losing side have stooped to the “fires of Hell” to destroy The President, Judge Kavanaugh and anyone else who sides with No. 45.

The losers have no concerns about their people who have been charged with wife and girlfriend beatings and former leaders with all kinds of improper sexual conduct.

En masse Democrat senators, led by another loud mouth New Yorker, have said from the start that they wouldn’t support Kavanaugh. They prove no open minds, no honesty.

A couple more questions are worthy to consider at this moment. Where’s the federal investigation into California Sen. Diane Feinstein for her 20-year spy staffer? Some other names popup for the feds to inquire: the Podesta lobbying group whose involvement in Democratic political campaigns, Russia and the Ukraine is specious.

All this stuff isn’t over. The seeds of WWIII are pollinating. Hopefully this will die on the vine. Fair warning.

Covert is a freelance columnist for the Frederick News-Post, a sister paper of the Mirror.