Trump responsible for state of country

In light of watching the committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection, I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t find Donald Trump responsible for that day.

Many of us already knew that he was when we witnessed it on TV.

I find it very disturbing and unsettling that our government leaders, such as Kevin McCarthy and others, first acknowledged Trump’s wrongdoing and then backed off due to the fear of repercussions against their own political careers.

They all took an oath of office to protect and defend our democracy from foreign and domestic threats. Did they honor that oath?

Are these the people that we want to lead and run our country? Trump’s closest allies are Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani and Roger Stone. These are some of the people that helped Trump spread lies and deceive the American people.

Our country is in a horrible place right now, and I feel that Trump’s lies and corruption have made it more divisive than it’s ever been.

It seems as though Republicans want to turn everything Democrats believe in into a conspiracy.

One example is Democrats wanting to inform the police to get rid of some bad seeds that are racist and corrupt.

It doesn’t mean they want to defund the entire police.

I find it ironic that the very people that claim to support the police are the ones that tried to harm them in the insurrection.

What is going to become of our country if people like Trump are put into office and continue to spread lies to divide us?

We have to vote the corrupted Republicans out of office to save our democracy. God bless the Jan. 6 committee, especially Liz Chaney. She put her career on the line to stand up for democracy.

I pray that Trump and all involved in the insurrection have charges brought against them and have consequences for their despicable actions.

Ann Roland



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