Insanity of Biden regime must stop

I never thought I’d see the day when a sitting U.S. president would gift our enemy with billions of dollars worth of sophisticated U.S. military weaponry, paid for by U.S. taxpayers, while leaving hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines.

I never thought I’d see the day when a sitting U.S. president would open our southern border to allow hundreds of thousands of illegals to enter our country in the middle of a pandemic.

He not only condoned this illegal activity, but he has encouraged this invasion since day one.

I also never thought I’d see the day when a sitting U.S. president would declare war on the U.S. oil industry by shutting down oil pipelines and suspending oil and gas leasing in this country, then lift sanctions on the Nordstream 2 Pipeline in Russia.

To make matters worse, he then sells millions of barrels of oil to Communist China, which was taken from the U.S. Strategic Reserve Supply, which is only to be used for national disasters or emergencies.

With gas prices the highest in U.S. history, inflation at 9.6%, interest rates constantly rising, a shrinking economy and even the DOW has lost over $3 trillion in value, which affects everyone’s 401(k) retirement account.

I could go on and on and on.

However, everything I just mentioned is due to President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ disastrous and destructive policies.

Over the last 19 months, Democrats have controlled Congress, the U.S. Senate and the White House, which has led to the dire situation our country is in right now.

We’ve got to stop the insanity of this administration — if we’re going to have a country left.

I hope you will join me on Election Day (Nov. 8) and vote for “America First” candidates, who will always put our country first.

This upcoming election may very well be our last chance to actually save America.

Bill Brantner



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