Letter to the editor: Liberals making up voting rules as they go

Liberals making up voting rules as they go

Your favorite football is tied in the fourth quarter, poised for a big upset of the home team.

Suddenly the officials announce a rule change. Your team will get the ball on their own 5-yard line, with only one chance to score from there. The home team will get the ball on your team’s 2-yard line, with 10 chances to score.

Not fair, you yell.

Favorite baseball team is poised to win the World Series, tied in Game 7 in the ninth inning. Suddenly, umpires announce that your team will get one out in their last at bat, while the other team will get 10 outs in their last at bat. Not fair.

Favorite basketball team is close to winning the final NCAA game, when the officials stop the game with five minutes to play, and wheel out new baskets. Your team’s will be slightly larger than the ball, while the other team’s will be the size of a large trash container. Not fair.

Sound ridiculous? Can’t change the rules of these games anytime you feel like it?

No kidding, but isn’t this exactly what liberal Democrats are trying to do with their filibuster rule changes and laws to totally turn voting regulations topsy turvy? Why not?

They do believe the constitution is a “liquid” document, to be bent, re-configured and interpreted any way that fits their agendas.

Joe Maschue



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