Universal background checks don’t stop crime

I am outraged at Gov. Wolf politicizing the Tree of Life massacre as an excuse for passing more gun control.

One of the proposals that Wolf is pushing is Universal Background Checks (UBCs).

UBCs would end all private gun sales in Pennsylvania by forcing all firearm sales to go through a licensed dealer.

This means you could not sell your hunting rifle to your neighbor on his front porch.

UBCs are ineffective at preventing mass shootings. For example, both the El Paso and Dayton mass shooters passed a background check. The police also agree.

In 2013, the largest survey of cops completed by Police One showed that 80% of police officers believed UBCs to be ineffective in stopping criminals. Yet, every time a mass shooting occurs, UBCs are pushed by anti-gun politicians.

Moreover, research debunks UBC effectiveness.

UC Davis studied the California UBC law over a 10-year period, and found no population level changes in firearm homicide or suicide rates after it was passed.

Finally, UBCs are dangerous to our Second Amendment rights, and are the gateway to the confiscation of firearms. Without a registration scheme, UBCs will be ineffective in tracing firearms.

Therefore, if UBCs are passed, the next step is to pass gun registration, which inevitably leads to confiscation.

There have already been instances of gun confiscation in the United States.

Specifically, New York City began registering long guns in the 1960s, later using the registration list to confiscate owner’s guns.

Just say no to UBCs,

Emanuel Lepiz



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