DA Weeks worthy of retention

I am writing to ask for your vote for Republican Pete Weeks for district attorney of Blair County.

I worked with Pete for 12 years and never saw anyone as dedicated to law enforcement.

He worked many long hours both in the courthouse and countless times outside the courthouse with staff, victims, their families, police and community members.

Police departments across the county have endorsed Weeks because of his passion and dedication.

His experience speaks for itself. He was a successful prosecutor of hundreds of drug cases some of which involved multi-million dollar and interstate trafficking.

In addition, he has successfully prosecuted a wide range of cases including those involving assault and homicide.

Weeks has made many positive changes to the office including digitizing records, which makes access faster and more convenient when files are needed.

When you vote for Pete Weeks, you will know that the county will have the best possible prosecutor as Blair county’s district attorney.

Kathy Skonier



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