Biden’s carbon plan compromises country

It’s not surprising that President Joe Biden seeks to save the planet from carbon, as promised.

Let’s look at the science and math of that activity. The United States produces 15% of the world’s carbon emissions.

The U.S. EPA further breaks that 15% into: industry (22%), electricity (27%), transportation (28%) commercial and residential (12%) and agricultural (10%).

If the United States shuts down all industry, thereby also eliminating perhaps one-half of the emissions from transportation and electricity used by industry, perhaps the U.S. share of carbon emission might be reduced by one-half from 15% to about 7.5%.

Of course, now the U.S. economy is completely destroyed with only a minimal and insignificant effect on the planet’s atmospheric carbon emission.

What then is the realized consequence of this move? Of course, the consumer demand for the industrial products that are no longer produced in the U.S. will continue.

Their production is, thereby, shifted to other nations, notably China, where the production processes are neither as efficient nor well-regulated as our processes.

The net effect is that carbon emission per unit of industrial output increases, and the world may very well suffer even more carbon pollution than before the shutdown of the United States industry.

There is no question that the climate of the planet is constantly changing, and the composition of the atmosphere affects how climate changes.

It’s not good to release “greenhouse gasses” into the atmosphere.

However, it would be reckless and foolhardy for the United States to unilaterally impair its economy for a perceived benefit that will not be realized with the Biden plan. Please consider the science and math of this questionable action and voice your objections in your political community.

David B. Smith



There was an error in Monday’s letter (“Judge, DA not up to speed on crash case”) that was submitted to the Mirror and unfortunately not caught. The correct version of the letter appears on altoonamirror.com.


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