Military sacrifices cannot be in vain

It has been well been established that socialism and communism are enemy idealogies to our American system and Constitution.

We have fought wars (Korean War, Vietnam War and to a degree a somewhat bloodless Cold War and still at it) to preserve freedom and liberty.

I had lost a cousin in the Korean War, and I lost friends in the Vietnam War and lost friends due to Agent Orange, and I receive VA compensation for Agent Orange exposure.

Are all of the sacrifices suffered in vain?

Why then are socialists and communists, those who purport such idealogies, in our Senate, House of Representatives and other bureaucratic organizations not have been removed from their positions? All have sworn to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic.

Are they not deemed traitors?

Does the average American citizen have the authority to arrest such characters? If not, where is the FBI, military or other protective organizations in defense of our Constitution?

Failure to take immediate action will be the fall of our country.

Willard Thompson



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