Death of NC child didn’t get attention

I read about Cannon Hinnant, the 5-year-old murdered execution-style in North Carolina by his neighbor for riding his bicycle across a neighbor’s lawn.

His brother and sister watched it happen.

There was no coverage by major news networks. There were no riots, protests, violence, looting, destruction nor nationwide coverage of his murder.

His family has been left to pick up the pieces and bury their child.

George Floyd, a career criminal and thug, was convicted of eight crimes and went to prison for one of them. He was being arrested for passing counterfeit bills and allegedly overdosed during the arrest.

The entire country went berserk and things even flared up in foreign countries. Protests, riots, violence, destruction and looting all continue to this day.

We, as a nation, were force-fed to watch news coverage on this for days and weeks on end, by all major news networks, 24/7. Floyd was buried in a gold-plated casket that was drawn by horses.

Am I the only person that sees something wrong with this?

Joe Cowan



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