Trump mismanaging crisis he helped create

The grossly inadequate response of the Trump administration to the deadly corona­virus is just one more stellar example of how out of his depth this president is.

He has no earthly concept of what he is dealing with. He blames the prior administration for his failure. Instead of stepping up and taking charge, he says he’s a “back-up” to all the governors who have pleaded for his help. Basically, they are all on their own. What kind of leader does that?

In 2018, Trump called for $15 billion in reduced health spending. He eliminated the position at the global health security teams at National Security Council and Depart­ment of Homeland Security. In addition, he made large funding cuts to the Center for Disease Control.

The results of those actions are being felt today.

When a reporter asked why he completely dismantled the office that handled such things as this pandemic, his response was “that’s a nasty question,” and then denied knowing anything about it.

One of many things this president conveniently forgets is that no matter what happens in the White House, he is ultimately responsible. The buck stops with him, or at least it’s supposed to.

To deny responsibility for every negative thing that happens is how he operates. He consistently lies during every press conference and said he wanted to start opening the country around Easter to fill up the churches.

To him, saving the economy and the stock market are more important than saving lives.

There was one reason Mike Pence was put in charge of this nightmare — to be the fall guy when it blows up, as it has already started to do.

Elizabeth K. Shade



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