Coronavirus threat being fueled by media

OK media, enough fear mongering about this virus. Tell us the facts and put this whole situation in perspective.

First, the perspective: Last year in the United States 42.9 million people got the flu, 647,000 people were hospitalized and 61,200 people died. These are numbers from the CDC.

Now some facts: Of the people who died of the flu last year, most were either very old or very young and usually had underlying health conditions.

This virus is having a similar effect with some important exceptions. It doesn’t seem to be effecting the young, and if you do get it, most healthy people will have mild symptoms.

The real difference is that this virus seems to be more aggressive against older people with underlying health conditions.

All this being said, did we close schools last year? Did we cancel travel plans? Did we cancel social events? Did we cancel sporting events? Did we stock up on supplies? Did we see the stock market crash?

None of this happened last year.

Ask yourself why. Who benefits from all this hype?

Of course, anyone’s death from this virus would be terrible, but let’s focus on those who are in real danger — the old and sick.

This is what the media and politicians should be talking about and not putting the nation in a panic.

I don’t fear the virus. I fear what it’s doing to us all.

Don Mencl



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