Why impeach Trump? He’s doing a fine job

Why is it that every time you hear the news, the Democrats want to impeach President Donald Trump?

The president has done more good in three years than the previous presidents did the whole time they were in office.

Look at unemployment, the lowest in 50 years, wages are up and stocks are at an all-time highs.

The Democratic party is doing the same thing that the last three presidents did. Everything is being done backward, back when Osama bin Laden was killed.

It was a great day for us. Lots of celebrations, but since Trump and Special Forces killed Baghdadi, the Democrats thinks it was a sin, and all they can say is Baghdadi had a good education and still killed thousands.

If that is what education did, I wouldn’t want any part of it.

At least he didn’t learn to do what he did in the United States — like the pilots that took out the Twin Towers, they were taught to fly in the United States with the taxpayer’s money.

The last three presidents were too involved with their own lives to know what was going on.

George Bush the rancher, Barack Obama the Tiger Woods want-to-be and Bill Clinton (we all know his hobby). The people pushing for impeachment have no clue what they are doing and they can’t get over crooked Hillary losing. They must have taken lessons from her.

Joe Biden has no shame or he wouldn’t run for president. After everything he did, like blackmail that Ukraine company to get his drug-addicted son who was thrown out of the Navy a high-paying job.

Biden couldn’t stay awake long enough to run the country.

Then comes the whistleblower, who Adam Schiff doesn’t want anybody to know who it is. How about Schiff himself? Why else would he care if people knew who the whistleblower is?

Then there is Nancy Pelosi, who is like a puppet on a string. Pelosi and Schiff would make a good couple.

I guess you know who gets my vote. Vote for Trump and give him the same chance, the same chance the Democrats gave Obama and Clinton.

Lenny Metz



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