Work remains in fight vs. polio

Oct. 24 is World Polio Day.

I recently attended a summit in Washington, D.C. on world vaccinations.

I found out that the United Nations Foundation is fighting — with a Shot@life for world immunizations through vaccines. I feel the need is great, and we should continue to vaccinate children here and throughout the world.

We are over 99 percent of the way to achieving a polio-free world. In 1988, we saved 350,000 children paralyzed by polio. Right now there are only about 33 cases around the world.

As of today 13.5 million children around the world still lack access to vaccination services. By funding global efforts we can ensure that this generation is the last to deal with this disease.

I am writing this in hopes that we can improve the life for children around the world.

Brenda Plantt



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