Annoying robo calls must be put to stop

I don’t know how anyone else feels about robo calls, but I am tired of the harassment.

The caller in question came up with a local number from Verizon, and I answered. It was a sweet young voice, talking on a recording about a credit card and reducing the interest rate, which doesn’t apply.

If the card is used, I pay for it within the month. If you stay on the line, she will instruct you to push No. 1 to speak with a representative or to push another number and they will take you off the list.

That never happens.

This one has called many times. I have responded both ways, saying I am not interested, and to take me off their list, but the calls continue. I hung up. I decided to call the number back and was told that it was no longer in service.

I then called Verizon and got a recording asking me to state my reason for the call. I did state the reason, which is the same as what I have stated in this letter.

Each time I was told they didn’t hear what I said or didn’t understand what I was saying. After three times trying to convey the reason, I gave up.

I believe that Verizon is responsible for the continuation of robo calls. They have made it possible for anyone, for any reason, to call forward, using anyone else’s number to make these calls.

Our phone is not our phone, even though we pay for it. We are subject to every person who is trying to sell something, or to steal something or to get a donation.

There are days in which I get as many as 10-15 calls. I have not asked for any of these calls. I have been threatened to be prosecuted for tax evasion, even though my taxes were paid, and to have fees charged to me for services I never had.

I have had people call here to sign me up for home improvement, which I don’t need, and that I should buy insurance, which I already have.

I was even called a nasty name because I said, “No.”

Is anyone else sick of this craziness?

Phyllis Heaton



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