Ideas to spawn a new generation

These are ideas from discussing, listening, reading and watching for my 60-some years on earth:

We, as a country could reduce divisiveness, racism, poverty and naivete by enhancing patriotism, understanding and camaraderie among countless other good attributes.

n Without family, or a great support system, life is most difficult and rudderless. We need to instill a faith or belief if not in God then at least each other.

n Education must go almost year-round with breaks throughout. It must come with a support system by family, teachers, students and volunteers to get help to those who need it.

n To eventually graduate, it has to include successful volunteering in your community, being involved in clubs, scouting, music, sports, etc. These must be done for credit toward graduation.

n To graduate college, you must volunteer at least two years in the military, or the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps. This would get you two years of college. Give your country five years honorably, you would get four years, and with your 20 percent down, the country would guarantee financing for your first home when you are ready.

The new generation could become our new ambassadors to the world and lead by example.

I can’t list all the good attributes from this because of limited space, but to me, and a lot of other people, this feels like a great place to start the discussion.

It sure beats what we have now. More than 7,000 kids in the United States drop out of school every day.

Jim Moore