Sanders will put end to corporate welfare

I’m supporting Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

America’s greatest accomplishments for we, the people, have been achieved through socialistic endeavors: Medicare, Medicaid, public schools, highways, bridges, police/fire services, Social Security, national parks, public utilities, unemployment insurance, etc.

Weekends were fought for and won by the labor movements of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The 1938 Fair Labor Act gave workers a 40-hour week, ended child labor, set up minimum wage – all socialist programs. Few of our ancestors would have risen to the middle class without The New Deal.

Twenty seven percent of tax dollars go to the military budget of $598.5 billion. That’s huge socialism.

Since 2000, our government has given $86 billion to business grants and tax credits for corporations. This corporate welfare provides no social benefits.

Sanders will return national wealth to the people and end corporate welfare. A vote for any other candidate is voting against your own self-interests.

Louis A. Mollica



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