Let’s hope 2020 makes better year

The year that is about to end will be recorded as one of disgust, frustration, sadness and madness — one justifying fear about how it might impact 2020 and beyond in a negative way, both domestically and internationally.

Few need to be reminded of all the reasons. Even 10 editorials might be hard-pressed to render all of the specific observations that are apropos.

The year 1968 was dubbed in various ways such as “The Year That Changed The World” and “The Year That Shattered America.”

People can only imagine what descriptions will be attached to 2019 when historians, perhaps 50 years from now, look back on these dozen months, trying to make sense of all that transpired.

And, all of the unfortunate, troubling events cannot be heaped onto the shoulders of one individual or one group of individuals. Blame can be cast justifiably in many directions, both within and beyond this nation’s borders.

While Blair and the five other counties of the Southern Alleghenies region were fortunate in not having to experience problems of any scope near to what many other places endured this year, this region nonetheless was part of the sympathetic reactions to what happened to others.

And, sympathy and sadness were not necessary only once or twice but, instead, numerous times.

People of this part of Pennsylvania aren’t dogged by the possibility of massive wildfires and hurricanes. However, people here who have tried to stay informed have lived with the anger, agitation and frustration that have emanated from the divisive, polarized national political scene that seems only to be getting worse.

Additionally, they continue to be uneasy about “windows” for violence such as what has occurred in many other places — recognizing that this area, despite all of the good that exists here, is not immune from the possibility of tragic incidents and otherwise dangerous developments.

It is troubling to look back on a year that was rooted more in pessimism than optimism, but not being true to oneself accomplishes nothing.

Which raises the important point:

Don’t try to shed yourself of bad memories associated with 2019 by making bad decisions on this final day of the year. Be sensible in how you celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Begin 2020 on a positive note, not only regarding yourself but also on behalf of others whom your actions affect.

Amid all that, accept the fact that law enforcement officers who will be monitoring goings-on within the realm of their responsibilities tonight don’t take great joy in having to address troubling occurrences that could have been avoided. Rather, they are committed to protecting innocent, responsible people from individuals who are something less.

The enjoyable possibilities that tonight will hold should act as a respite from “The Experience of 2019” and the uneasy uncertainties of what 2020 might bring.

Again, there is so much that is good about this region, but for here — and everywhere else — good is fragile.

If you sing or listen to “Auld Lang Syne” tonight when 2019 gives way to 2020, be hopeful that the words “we’ll take a cup of kindness yet” really come to pass in the 12 months ahead.


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