Time to get the Trump vaccine

Area counties lagging behind

Former President Donald Trump deserves the credit.

Through Operation Warp Speed, he cattleprodded the pharmaceutical industry to produce a vaccine to combat the coronavirus and the COVID-19 disease that it causes.

His effort succeeded spectacularly. In record time, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson turned out vaccines that have proved to be indisputably safe and highly effective.

The have been so successful that they can and should be called the Trump vaccines. And the former president has endorsed the COVID vaccines created under his watch.

In an April interview with the New York Post, he described the vaccines as “a great thing.”

One of the perplexing mysteries of this year is why more people, notably in our region, have not gotten the Trump shot. Blair County is around 50% vaccinated, Huntingdon County a bit below half, Cambria County a bit above half and Bedford County well below half.

In a decade or so, people will look back to this year of vaccine hesitancy and refusal, and they may well say, “What were they thinking?”

Some of us still bear the circular marks on our left shoulders from smallpox vaccinations.

We beat smallpox. When the Salk polio vaccine became available in the mid-1950s, parents rushed to get their children vaccinated. We beat that horrible disease, too.

Hardly anyone remembers the iron lungs. Of course, we did not have to contend then with the anti-vaccine lies, some of them emerging from and amplified by Moscow, on social media.

Creating and spreading lies and abetting cyberthieves appear to be among the few things that the Russian autocracy is any good at.

Without doubt, the Russians and perhaps a few other dictatorships have been very effective at dividing us as a country. Look at the anti-mask hysteria.

Undoubtedly, people will look back at us in a few years and say, “What were they thinking? Let’s put masks in perspective. You are being wheeled into the operating room. Before they put you under, you look up and see the smiling faces of the surgeon and the nurses. Your first thought: “Whoa! Put on your masks!” Medical personnel wear masks to protect us. Do not our teachers and our store clerks and our restaurant servers deserve the same respect and protection?

By the way, a school student wearing a mask is not child abuse. Public health is not a matter of personal or parental choice.

One sure-fire way out of the mask hysteria is to get one of the Trump vaccines. They are the only paths to herd immunity, which will allow our businesses to return to full capacity and productivity and will allow all Americans to live life fully again.

The same applies for vaccine mandates.

Getting the Trump vaccines voluntarily will make mandates unnecessary. We can make America great again, and the path to it requires getting the Trump shot.

This pandemic has lasted much too long in America, and the Trump vaccines will give us back our freedoms.

Do it for the former president. After all, as he said, the Trump vaccines are a great thing.

Duncansville resident Don Clippinger has been a journalist for more than 56 years.


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