In trans debate, stand up for girls

It seems like only yesterday, but it was in the 1970s when my father, Milt Neuman, ran for a seat on the school board in Altoona.

His dream was to create a women’s tennis team at AAHS so that his only daughter could compete in a sport that might lead to a college scholarship and opportunities beyond.

My dad’s decision to run and his election changed the course of my life.

I received a scholarship to the University of Pennsylvania and one of the highlights of my college career was competing on the tennis and swimming teams.

Now we are facing legislation that will allow transgender athletes — biological males — to compete against girls.

Biological males are stronger, have greater bone density, run faster, pump more blood and have significantly greater muscle development than females.

These are scientific facts.

If these discriminatory laws are passed, all the opportunities that Title IX created for females in 1972 will be lost.

Many states have already passed laws disallowing males to compete as females.

Other states are holding committee meetings in their legislatures in an attempt to stop this discriminatory practice against women athletes.

Where is Pennsylvania in this fight? The NCAA is threatening to eliminate tournaments unless states allow superior transgender athletes — in other words, biological boys — to compete with our girls.

This clearly creates a huge, unfair advantage.

Are we willing to deny girls the opportunity to compete equally against other girls in sports? Are we willing to turn a blind eye to all the girls, especially minority girls, who will be robbed of scholarships because of unfair competitions against transgender athletes?

I’m sure not.

Each of us has a daughter, niece, granddaughter or neighbor who deserves to compete and learn the great lessons that come from being a team member — commitment, leadership, sportsmanship, etc.

We are the descendants of the founders of liberty.

Contact your local representatives and see if they are on the Sponsor List of PA Bill HB972.

Given the current leadership in Pennsylvania government, it is up to us to remind politicians that they work for us. And if they don’t, they should be recalled or face defeat in the next election.

Send a message that Pennsylvanians want their girls to enjoy the same opportunities as their boys.

Take it from a proud Altoona native, courage is contagious.

Nancy Neuman is a 1970 graduate of Altoona Area High School. She resides in Los Angeles.


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