We’re paying for China’s doctrine

Virtually no media coverage of the COVID-19 Virus is directed where it should be — to the Communist Party of China.

Reportedly, the virus started in October 2019, but was not acknowledged for three months. In any country with a free press, news would have spread quickly and early action would have been taken.

Timely release would have effectively doubled the world’s response time. Imagine how much more could have been accomplished.

More time to produce N-95 masks, respirators, research vaccines, restrict travel and develop and implement mitigation policies.

Why didn’t China release the information? Simple. It isn’t in the interest of the CPC to admit any ownership, responsibility, fault or error. In fact, party news organizations created the narrative that American military personnel are responsible for it.

China’s form of government is a group dictatorship called the Communist Party of China. CPC controls economic activity, wealth distribution and all communications.

CPC membership conveys monetary benefits and power — at the price of strict adherence to CPC doctrine and policy.

In order to convey benefits to members, the CPC must stay in power. To stay in power, the CPC must prevent its own overthrow — in economic and political terms.

In economic terms, the CPC must deliver a higher standard of living to its 1.3 billion inhabitants. Since the late 1980s, China has grown at unprecedented rates. How?

They used their low-cost labor force, together with the theft of intellectual property and forced technology transfers, to make products cheaper.

Businesses were attracted to the low cost and turned a blind eye to the long-term loss of their competitive advantage. Looking back, we should have known that no economy could grow that fast — unless they cheated.

Politically, unlike the USA where the ideals of “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” are paramount, CPC uses a combination of patronage, bribery, coercion, intimidation and punishment to force adherence to CPC dogma.

The CPC is supreme, can never be questioned and is never wrong or at fault. That’s why Tiananmen Square does not appear in China history; the now-deceased physician who found COVID-19 was jailed and the physician who publicized the SARS epidemic in 2003 is under house arrest to this day.

In a famous novel, a scientist named John Faustus trades the future delivery of his life and soul to Lucifer in exchange for temporary supernatural powers.

Faustus enjoyed the beginning, but not the end of the transaction — hence the term Faustian Bargain.

The CPC demonstrably lies, cheats, steals and mistreats the people of China. We knew that in the late 1980s, but accepted lower prices for goods, turned a blind eye to human mistreatment, and allowed businesses to squander competitive advantage for short-term profits.

Now we are paying a huge price for it — as part of our Faustian Bargain.

I hope we can extricate ourselves from it.

Chris Gable resides in Altoona. He is an occasional contributor to the Mirror’s Opinion page.


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