Joyce needs to stop his ‘whining’

Rep. John Joyce’s Oct. 15 article (“Time to move on from ’16 election) is one exercise in gaslighting after another. He fails to mention key facts, distorts others and misdirects on the rest.

He states that Democrats have been “tirelessly scheming to remove (President Donald Trump) from office” since 2016. He fails to mention that Republicans controlled the House and the Senate until this year, and Special Counsel Mueller was appointed by a Republican.

Until this year, the Democratic Party wasn’t in charge of anything. His party was. And still, the Cabinet, advisors and key positions have seen no stability. In fact, it’s looked more like a passing parade, with many ending up in criminal court, if not prison.

Joyce says the impeachment proceedings are “politically motivated.” (Oh, the irony. His article comes across as nothing more than shilling for the Republican Party.)

The president and members of his staff have publicly talked of their crimes on live television. The inquiry isn’t a sham — it’s the law. Maybe Joyce thinks laws don’t apply to rich people, but our democracy says differently.

Despite Joyce’s whining, the inquiry is being conducted according to law. Evidence is gathered behind closed doors, as they are in every inquiry, so that witnesses cannot tailor their testimony to others. The public parts will come in Articles of Impeachment and during the Senate trial.

Joyce knows this. Or he should. His argument about the Clinton and Nixon inquiries is baseless: There was no House inquiry into the Clinton impeachment, and the Nixon impeachment timeline was in large part dictated by testimony in the criminal trial of the actual burglars of the Watergate break-in.

Joyce complains that Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn’t made “meaningful progress.” He fails to mention the 200-plus bills passed by the House this year and fails to mention that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to bring any of them up for a vote.

The responsibility for lack of meaningful progress is squarely with the Republican-controlled Senate and the whims of the president.

Joyce mentions “critical issues” he thinks need attention. He fails to mention any real details:

– Securing the southern border and supporting veterans are now, because of Trump, tied together. Not even the Republicans gave Trump money for a wall. Now, Trump is trying to take money allocated for Vets to build his wall. Just last week, after the courts told Trump no, he tried again, wasting more time that our vets don’t have to spare. Even though the Republicans controlled the House and the Senate for two of the last three years, not a single mile of wall has been built. Blaming one party is disingenuous at best, a bald-face lie at worst.

– The USMCA requires ratification in all three nations, and none have done so: Mexico won’t even consider it until tariffs are lifted (Trump’s doing), Canada wants changes too, and nothing will happen in Canada until after their election. Everyone has problems with how the treaty is written: Mexico, Canada, the Democrats and yes, even the Republicans. There are several rows to hoe here. Blaming the Democrats is silly.

Finally, Joyce tries to convince his constituents that all the problems he sees are because the Democrats don’t think they can win the White House. There’s more than a year until then. From the news out of Washington, it seems the Republicans are the ones who are worried.

It’s difficult to be in the minority, and clearly, Joyce doesn’t like his job. His article is wholly devoid of facts, and seemed to be geared towards dividing his constituents, instead of bringing us together so we can reach common goals.

If he can’t represent us, perhaps he should step aside so someone else can.

By Tess Condor



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