Fanny X. Louton

July 2, 1959 – Sept. 12, 2020

Fanny X. Louton, 61, passed away serenely in her home on Saturday. During her struggle with brain cancer, she never suffered and was never alone. The outpouring of intense, sustained and sincere love from family and friends these past several months, enveloped and venerated her.

My heart goes out to all of those whose lives she touched and who now feel the loss we must endure.

Fanny’s cremated remains will be consigned to the Atlantic Ocean near her beloved city of Charleston at 32∂ 38’N, 79∂ 44’W. Anyone wishing to pay respects may go to any sea, and in the surf there, revel in her new vitality.

Arrangements are by The Good Funeral Home Inc., Alto-Reste Park.