Blair County

Gary L. Nagle to Richard E. Burchfield, property in Allegheny Township, $32,000.

Jessica R. Baughman to Justin G. Baughman, 1207 S. Ninth St., Altoona, $45,000.

Bellwood Beagle Club Inc. to Jamie R. and Denise F. Himes, property in Antis Township, $80,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Susan M. and Perry R. Beck, 219 E. 23 Ave., Altoona, $27,500.

Fannie Mae to Kristopher M. Albright, 511 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $14,500.

FBG Development Associates to Robert L. and Melissa J. Sullivan, property in Allegheny Township, $83,500.

Herbert E. Brown to William C. Brown, property in Martinsburg, $45,000.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Wilbert and Dawn L. Cartwright, property in Logan Township, $45,000.

W. Gene Henry to Robert A. and Belinda M. Carper, property in Martinsburg, $16,000.

Brian and Genna Carter to Jason S. Bradley, 230 E. Lee Ave., Altoona, $125,000.

Robin Walk to Danielle M. and Darren S. Peters, 2324 11th Ave., Altoona, $19,500.

Kirk E. Rothrock to John E. Miller, property in Logan Township, $24,500.

Carl and Elke Bradley to Barbara J. Raihl and Barbara A. Rodgers, 1520 18th St., Altoona, $18,500.

Paul L. Lightner to Kylee R. Clapper, property in Greenfield Township, $72,000.

M&T Bank to Affordable Altoona Housing LLC, 402 N. 12th St., Altoona, $20,500.

Juanita F. Brumbaugh to Douglas A. and Veronica L. Smith, property in Freedom Township, $16,000.

Dean G. McCaulley to Ronald and Tracy Mock, property in Logan Township, $67,900.

Rosemary A. Malone and Douglas E. Shaw to Joseph A. and Janelle A. Eichenlaub, 312 Logan Blvd., Altoona, $185,000.

Holliday Hills to Dominic V. and Kristen L. Taddei, property in Hollidaysburg, $185,000.

Blacks Home Sales Inc. to Joseph G. and Patricia A. Yost, property in Freedom Township, $189,000.

Gertrude C. and John L. McFalls II to Daniel A. Coccia Jr., property in Antis Township, $79,900.

Carol A. Hillard to Kayla M. Irvin and Devin M. Lafferty, property in Bellwood, $129,000.

Peak Odell I LLC to Jason T. Pupo, property in Snyder Township, $22,501.

Robert J. Norris Jr. to Roaring Spring Borough, property in Roaring Spring, $34,000.

Raymond H. and Jean M. Dickson to Dorian H. and Melinda R. Fincham, 2504 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $68,000.

Gabrielle M. Biles and Brett M. Lucas to Brittany N. Yingling and Travis A. Kranik, property in Logan Township, $90,000.

Luke S. and Alexandra M. Miller to Kaleb R. and Rachel E. Trudeau, property in Altoona, $149,000.

James V. and Violet R. Aveni to Kayla J. Burket and Nathan J. Zimmerman, property in Logan Township, $180,000.

Dominic V. and Kristen L. Taddei to Trista A. and Thomas C. Pooley, property in Allegheny Township, $495,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mary L. Clapper, property in Martinsburg, $30,000.

Jennifer E. and Dale J. Crum Jr. to Nicholas J. Rennie, 4401 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $159,900.

Melanie L. Keith, Sarah B. Campbell and Sarah B. and Jared S. Daughenbaugh to Taylor M. and Patrick T. Yon, 5627 California Ave., Altoona, $83,500.

Randy P. and Patricia A. Yon to Cassandra R. Smith, 892 Millvale Road, Altoona, $67,000.

David B. Shoop to Kenneth A. Walter, property in Greenfield Township, $33,000.

Vivian F. Plummer to Dustin M. and Samantha J. Vipond, 1420 Seventh Ave., Juniata, $124,000.

Adam D. and Jessica Brumbaugh to Brandon J. Teeter, property in Frankstown Township, $110,000.

Michael W. and Charlotte T. Lilly to John P. and Shannon M. Driscoll, 611 W. Second St., Williamsburg, $189,000.

Rita I. Rhoades to Gage Dunkle, property in Newry, $12,500.

Kenneth Knisley to Adam and Jessica Brumbaugh, property in Frankstown, $61,000.

Bedford County

Kimberly A. and William K. Mearkle to Kevin L. Mearkle, property in East Providence Township, $73,160.

Richard A. and Rosemary Gardill, Rose Mary Gardill to Shawn E. Davis, property in Juniata Township, $75,000.

Brian M. and Sherry A. McGorty to Marian P. Beene and Jacob R. Jones, property in East St. Clair Township, $375,000.

Llewellyn Brothers Holdings LLC, Llewellyn Brothers Partnership to Timothy D. and Rhonda M. Wise, property in Cumberland Valley, $275,000.

Kathryn M. and Daryl E. Foor, Julie L. Flowers, Kelly L. and Donald E. Foor to Jamie J. and Gregory S. Konicky , property in Napier Township, $65,000.

Arthur and Carolyn Sue Polczynski to Dennis A. and Barbara J. Bowser, property in Bedford Township, $60,000.

Barbara G. and Bradley C. Perrin to Garrett L. Golden, and Hope G. Forsyth, property in Mann Township, $150,000.

Leighton D. Taylor to Michael S. Archer and Daryl S. Clevenger, property in Schellsburg, $111,500.

Sleighter Joan Trust, Joan Sleighter Trust to Courtney R. and Bradley R. May, property in Snake Spring Township, $280,000.

Barbara G. and Robert E. Corle, to Travis D. Wilson, property in King Township, $63,000.

Jane, Donald M., Lela, Stephen R., Debra, and William W. Leydig to Jackson L. Leydig, property in Hyndman, $60,000.

Heather and Matthew Runk to Kelsey K. Coffman, property in Liberty Township, $144,000.

Douglas C. and Bonnie L. Woleslagle to Jamie S. Zonfrilli, property in King Townshiip, $130,100.

Faye A. Raines to Rachel L. and Lucas G. Truax, property in Cumberland Valley, $560,000.

Kenneth D. Bing and Timothy J. Smith, to Laura Manfredonia, property in Pavia Township, $54,000.

Messina L. and Brian R. Wingard, to Andrew J. Reasy, property in South Woodbury Township, $215,000.

Richard J. and Janice M. Clark, Janice M. Rakaczky, Karen and Joseph J. Spillar to Kathy L. and Justin S. Hyde, property in Colerain Township, $33,000.

Janis K. Morgart to Carisa Webb and Justin Brower, property in West St. Clair Township, $450,000.

Dorcas N. and Jeffrey D. Holm to Mable H. and Nelson R. Nolt, property in Woodbury Borough, $155,000.

Marian K. Miller, to Dorcas N. and Jeffrey D. Holm, property in Woodbury Borough, $155,000.

Clearfield County

DSCD LLC to Scott E. and Bonnie S. Meyer, property in Union Township, $15,000.

Virginia L. Kaizer (by agent), Stanley G. Kaizer (individually and agent), Paul A. Kaizer (by agent) and Sandra Kaizer to Mark G. and Deboah M. Tami, property in Sandy Township, $109,900.

Wendell N. Jr. and Joyce A. Weatherholtz to Gertz Properties LLC, property in Chester Hill, $25,000.

Castell Properties LLC to Michael Pesce and Shelby Schreiber, property in Clearfield, $158,000.

Mary, Thomas W. and Debra Hilliard to Marvin J. and Susan R. Yoder, property in Chest Township, $98,000.

Edward G. Peterson (executor) and Mary T. Niebauer Estate to Thomas J. Ricketts Sr., property in Beccaria Township, $18,000.

Marion L. Brink Estate, Judy H. Brink and Terry L. Brink (Individually and executor) to James D. and Rochelle L. Hurd, property in Newburg, $20,000.

Brian J. and Brandy Owens to Michael and Kristin Greishaw, property in Goshen Township, $47,250.

Jadon G. and Rosemary T. Evans to John P. Hawkins and Michelle Ignasiak, property in Sandy Township, $260,000.

Judith M. Gray (by attorney in fact) and Terry Gray (attorney in fact) to Kirsten A. Gordon, property in Sandy Township, $132,000.

Joshua L. and Samantha K. Knepp to Katlyn Mitchell, property in Boggs Township, $140,000.

Georgia and Richard Bryan to Angela Opaliski, property in Clearfield, $169,900.

Larry Jr. and Brooke L. Shaw to Andrew James Greishaw and Callie Gidney, property in Clearfield, $67,000.

John J. McElwee to Logan Shirey, property in Houtzdale, $75,000.

Gary J. Rauch (administrator) and Marjorie J. Kramer Estateto Aaron P. Collins and Juliane M. Yoder, property in Clearfield, $50,000.

Ashley E. Hilliard to Christopher Myers, property in Cooper Township, $53,000.

Joseph P. Carra to Jimmey R. and Annemarie Stanley, property in Goshen Township, $78,000.

Harold G. Lora to Lindsey S. Bressler, property in Curwensville, $66,000.

Robert L. and Deborah A. Gray to Daniel and Alainna M. Kalgren, property in Sandy Township, $300,000.

Harry Conklin to Keith R. and Ellen Moore, property in Sandy Township, $95,000.

James R. Sr. and Georgenina Whited to Craig A. and Valerie C. McCracken, property in Clearfield, $55,000.

William G. and Bridgett A. White to T and J. Resources LLC, property in Lawrence Township, $145,000.

Cassandra B. Michaels to Nicholas Wayne Kelly, property in Curwensville, $90,000.

Justin J. and Heather M. Anderson to Mandy S. Bowman, property in Beccaria Township, $85,000.

Mickey L. Moore to Ritchie Lee Kitchen, property in Lawrence Township, $15,000.

Huntingdon County

Jason R. Mummau to R & O Vacation Homes LLC, property in Cass Township, $224,500.

Mary M. and Jacquita Louise Brechbiel, Jacquita Louise Bliss to Sawyer D. Rudy, property in Cass Township, $50,000.

Helen G. Roberts Trust to Hunter D. Neil, property in Clay Township, $149,000.

Terry G. and Tangela M. Gibbons to Dakota Snyder, property in Cromwell Township, $10,000.

George I. Downey, Maria C. Ruduski-Downey, John E. III and Lisa D. Feaster to Michael and Heather Brechtlein, property in Cromwell Township, $91,000.

William T. Jr. and Brenda L. Cerett to Joshua and Tara Bittle, property in Cromwell Township, $28,000.

Brian and Jennifer Fisher, James Scott and Jennifer O’Neill to Scott A. and Jennifer L. Dusman, property in Cromwell Township, $119,000.

Stephen J. Zeigler, Paula J. Behrens, Gregory R., C. Renee A., Timothy M. and Mara Z. Ziegler to Cadis Lane LLC, property in Franklin Township, $99,582.

Gottshall Family Trust to Stoltzfus Vacation Homes LLC, property in Henderson Township, $300,000.

Warren P. and Wendy K. Dell to Roger P. Jr. and Kimberly J. Lanzendorfer, property in Henderson Township, $96,000.

Ronald A. Yurchik to Rick S. McGinnis, property in Huntingdon, $20,000.

Alexa J. McGraw to Sandra L. Park, property in Huntingdon, $140,000.

Donald A. Heaton to Daniel J. Broadbent, property in Huntingdon, $55,000.

Blaine E. Corbin to Larry G. Strait, property in Huntingdon, $52,500.

Jeramy M. and Kyleen E. Norris to Nathan R. Walters, property in Huntingdon, $90,000.

Uptown Dwellings LLC to Peachey Rental Properties LLC, property in Huntingdon, $110,000.

Oneida Group LLC to Benjamin P. Lang, property in Huntingdon, $98,250.

Marilyn R. Bishop Estate to Aaron B. Myers III and Julie B. Veith, property in Huntingdon, $269,900.

Margaret T. Foster to Terry F. Jr. and Toby J. Scalia, property in Huntingdon, $157,500.

Thomas and Rebecca McElwee to Hunter D. Runk, property in Wood Township, $100,000.


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