The following people have made filings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Pittsburgh.

Chapter 7 involves selling assets to pay debts. Chapter 13 is a plan to pay debts using income. Chapter 11 involves reorganization to pay off debt.

The information is from the Pittsburgh Legal Journal. Filings by county include:

Blair County

Ryan M. and Valerie A. Mackey. Chapter 13. May 19.

Paul J. Reilly. Chapter 13. May 27.

Mathaniel A. and Brandi L. Walter. Chapter 13. May 27.

Lisa M. Imler. Chapater 7. May 23.

Daphne L. Mark. Chapter 13. May 22.

Bedford County

Kirk and Julie A. Kellon. Chapter 7. May 14.

Loriena D. Palminteri. Chapter 7. May 23.

Judith L. Glass. Chapter 7. May 22.

Cambria County

Leonard R. and Dorothy I. Pohl. Chapter 13. May 20.

Judith A. Tomkosky. Chapter 13. May 20.

Joseph P. and Konnie L. Anna. Chapter 13. May 18.

Christina J. Stiles. Chapter 7. May 27.

John Alvin Eissenhuth III. Chapter 7. May 26.

Cory Martin Adams. Chapter 7. May 26.

Jerey Hobor. Chapter 13. May 26.

Clearfields County

LJF Trucking Inc. Chapter 11. May 15.

Donald J. and Erica L. Lenc. Chapter 13. May 21.


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