Blair County

Paul C. and Theresa A. Sollenberger to Brody L. Frye and Jessie E. Hammel, property in Williamsburg, $50,000.

Vicki L. and Ronald E. Cascio to Denise Bowmaster, property in East Freedom, $15,000.

Charles J. and Leann R. Neil to Lisa L. Wilson, property in Greenfield Township, $152,000.

Carroll P. and Diane S. Osgood to Christopher S. and Bobbi L. King, 431-437 Ceadercrest Drive, Duncansville, $220,000.

David W. and Marie Bundy to Pennsylvania Barbers LLC, 3523-3525 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $76,000.

Michael A. and Tina Stetter to Peter J. Jr. and Michele L. Stetter, property in Antis Township, $15,000.

Lori A. Miller to John Alvia and Mary Ella Zimmerman, property in Taylor Township, $150,000.

R. Thomas and Pamela S. Crawford to P. Kulp LP, property in Tyrone, $336,200.

Norma E. Sickels to Gary L. and Emily M. Bickle, property in Tyrone, $30,000.

Gerard L. and Kimberly A. Koehle to RSG Property Management LLC, 206 S. Fourth St., Altoona, $26,000.

Helen Crist to Brittney R. Hughes, 1219 25th Ave., Altoona, $108,900.

Louise D. Maierhoffer to James R. Scorzafave and Sioux Komoroski, 813-815 Sheridan St., Altoona, $92,000.

Anthony L. and Mary W. Himes to Renee and Keith Parowski, property in Logan Township, Altoona, $20,000.

Jonathan A. and Aubrey Strong to Michael J. and Shanta Alysis Wentz, 119 Third Ave., Altoona, $69,900.

Jodie A. Potter to Ninth Street LLC, 1102 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $16,000.

Charles G. Hinterberger to Shawn Dougherty, 629 E. Walton Ave., Altoona, $105,000.

Marcia Y. Kingston to Kelley A. Musto, 1920 14th Ave., Altoona, $52,000.

Barry C. Mergardt to Ryan C. and Patrick M. Miller, 3305 Baker Court, Altoona, $65,000.

Donna M. Troian to Robert M. Showers, 2811 Fifth Ave., Altoona , $50,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Steven and Alexandra T. Jackson, 1223 Monore Ave., Altoona, $100,100.

Wells Fargo Bank to Jianchao Zhu, 1024 Third Ave., Duncansville, $14,000.

Brenda L. and Edward G. Marks to Lois D. Hanna, property in Frankstown Township, Hollidaysburg, $10,000.

First Commonwealth Bank to William C. and Kimberly R. Mallery, 2007 15th Ave., Altoona, $45,000.

Kirk C. and Torie R. Kratzer to Jason M. and Susan L. Zangrilli, property in Frankstown Township, Hollidaysburg, $230,000.

Susan L. and Jason M. Zangrilli to Shane C. and Heather A. Coho, property in Frankstown Township, Hollidaysburg, $257,000.

Paul E. and Gail O. Raymond to Patrick A. and Kimberly Simanski, property in Greenfield Township, $46,000.

Jessica M. Warwick and Jessica M. Taylor to Rebecca Albright, 607 N. Third St., Altoona, $58,500.

Bank of America, BAC Homes Loans Servicing LP and Countrywide Home Loan Servicing LP to Brent C. Kagarise, RR3 Box 184x, Tyrone, Altoona, $67,431.

Bradley D. and Melanie E. Ridenour to Joshua R. and Stevi R. Ritchey, property in Claysburg, $58,500.

James H. and Lois Diane Shultz to Sean V. and Mindy Sue Albright, property in Fransktown Township, Hollidaysburg, $150,000.

Clyde G. and Margaret A. Gensamer to Mark A. Cullum, 611-613 23rd St., Altoona, $30,000.

Nelson E. Jr. and Christine L. Bastin to Randall Z. and Mona M. Over, W. 13th St., Duncansville, $101,596.

David W. and Kim M. Smith to Joel J. Corle and Abbey Showalter, 646 Yale Lane, Altoona, $85,000.

Donald M. and Cynthia D. Craig to Brad M. and Heather M. Himes, 27 E. Willow Ave., Altoona ,$161,000.

Brad M. and Heather M. Himes to Debra K. Friley, 2211-2213 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $69,000.

Helen F. Fanelli to Joseph J. Fanelli, 1510 Bell Ave., Altoona, $29,268.

Richard J. and Barbara A. Johnston to David K. and Theresa A. Showalter, Erin Drive, Altoona, $28,000.

Norman Louise Hileman to David A. DeGol, Scotch Valley Road, Hollidaysburg, $25,000.

Robert G. and Tanya L. Mountain to Richard A. McPhee, 605-607 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona, $19,000.

Susan M. Pardoe to Vernon A. and Lucille Z. Martin, property in Huston Township, $160,000.

Suzanne G. Stehley to LR Assist LLC, property in Bellwood, $46,000.

William A. and Carole A. Smith to Dwight S. and Bethany J. Kensinger, property in Taylor Township, $118,000.

Ruth Ann Jager and James Thomas Leahey to Tony and Kelly Deely, Wordsworth Avenue, Altoona, $78,000.

Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust to Daniel and Carol Detrich, property in Altoona, $41,054.

Linda K. Despot to Winsome Properties LLC, property in Frankstown Township, $1,599,000.

Genunine Parts Co. to Osage Realty LLC, property in Allegheny Township, $720,000.

Altoona Prime Real Estate LLC to Triple Net Limited Partnership, property in Altoona, $3,295,000.

John D. and Dorothy A. Stevens to John D. and Connie N. Sloey, property in Bellwood, $78,000.

Reliance Bank to Michael D. Civils and Tammy Clemens, property in Blair Township, $150,000.

Bayview Loan Services LLC to Nicole Lee Brown, 415 N. Sixth St., Altoona, $21,000.

Makowiecki Real Estate LLP to Ryan J. McNeely, 5113-5114 Highland Park Ave., Altoona, $178,000.

Stephen D. and Patti A. Bickley to Michael G. and Rosanna E. Duermyer, 817 Penn St., Hollidaysburg, $325,000.

Michael R. and Pamela A. Baron to Joseph R. and Maureen A. Cleary, Stonehedge Road, Hollidaysburg, $352,900.

Amy Jo Burrows to Trudy Peterman and Victoria Aaron, property in Logan Township, $198,000.

Michael S. Duckett to Edward J. Schirf, 600 N. Terrace Drive, Altoona, $63,000.

Rocco E. DePiro III to Erica A. and Shanon M. Creighton, 423 Walton Ave., Altoona, $94,000.

S&A Custom Built Homes Inc. and First Line Development Two Inc. to Jonathan M. and Pamela Jo Burkin, property in Blair Township, $269,788.

Victoria Kattouf to Tonda Rudy, 1901-1903 16th St., Altoona, $60,000.

Betty J. Butterbaugh to Emmylou R. Metz, property in Snyder Township, $114,000.

Brian J. and Jill R. Duclos to Jesse and Jolene L. Moyer, Creekside Drive, Altoona, $27,000.

Dustin P. Smith to Daniel C. and Vanessa Miller, 113-115 Logan Ave., Altoona, $89,000.

Amy L. Mallory to Patrick J. Bush, Lynne Drive, Altoona, $190,000.

Bedford County

Heather and Darren C. Cassidy to Jacqueline S. and Kimberly A. Miller, property in East St. Clair Township, $339,000.

Bruce A. and Donna L. Steele to Casey T. Flaherty and Megan N. Detwiler, property in Woodbury Township, $170,100.

Everett Area School District to Ryan E. and Heather D. Clark, property in Everett, $33,000.

Michael J., Michael Hartwiger to Philip J. and Ida M. Ritchey, property in Bedford Township, $85,000.

Christopher L. and Michele L. Eshelman to Cheyenne L. Batzel and Heather N. Carson, property in Bedford Borough, $103,000.

David M. Creegan to Jil Aviation LLC, property in Cumberland Valley, $20,000.

Shane M. and Brandy N. McManus to Corey Harner and Mark Forney, property in Broad Top, $11,000.

Kathleen W. Kensinger to Clark Michael and Dorothy J. Akers, property in Bloomfield Township, $155,000.

Simmons Realty Co. Inc. to Bedford Holdings LLC, property in East Providence Township, $1,213,945.

Simmons Realty Co. Inc. to Bedford Holdings LLC, property in Pleasantville Borough, $316,715.

Douglas A. and Jennifer A. Crist to Billy Lord, property in Southampton Township, $32,500.

Frederick M. and Amy L. Mellott to Andrew J. and Angelika K. Persing, property in South Woodbury Township, $115,000.

Todd and Deborah Walls to Brett M. and Mildred Sheeder, property in Cumberland Valley, $32,000.

Scott Walter and Terry Lyn Fleming to Joseph J. and Sandra C. Black, property in West Providence Township, $30,500.

Bedford Holding LLC to 16509 Lincoln Highway LLC, property in East Providence Township, $1,220,155.

16509 Lincoln Highway LLC to Breezewood Enterprises LLC, property in East Providence Township, $595,000.

Joshua J. and Ashley M. Bennett, Ashley M. Benett to Terry A. and Jacqueline L. Moxley, property in Snake Spring Township, $63,000.

Fay E., Gloria J., Jerry W. and Connie Sue Leydig to Clifton L. and Lisa M. Yost, property in Hyndman Boro., $10,600.

Lorraine G. Vaughn Living Trust to Joseph D. Macrie, property in Everett, $91,000.

Clearfield County

Lisa M. and Neal B. Banner to Mark and Aja Sides, property in Covington Township, $60,000.

Mary Jane Taylor Estate and Karl E. Taylor to Sandra K. James, property in Sandy Township, $134,000.

Howard III and Annette Vitarelli Fugate to DuBois Regional Medical Center, trading and doing business as Penn Highlands DuBois, property in DuBois, $100,000.

James C. and Alicia L. Wischuck to Dennis L. and Rhonda A. Sheeder, Curwensville Borough, $15,000.

Anthony C. Benton to Joseph G. Kerlin, property in Karthaus Township, $28,000.

Linda S. Luce to James and Karen Howard, property in Curwensville Borough, $12,500.

Tamera K. Roney Estate, Troy D. Roney and Jeffrey S. DuBois to William P. Murray, property in Brady Township, $129,000.

Sharon Schmidt and Robert M. and David A. Stott to Eli Finney Jr., property in Woodward Township, $12,000.

Todd W. English to Thomas Burket Jr. property in DuBois, $79.900.

Robert G. and Janine K. Johnson to Matthew S. Irwin, property in Sandy Township, $640,000.

Ronald A. and Diana L. Turner to Michael Roland and Christine Anne Owens, property in Graham Township, $21,250.

Clearfield Agea School District to Clearfield Hospital, trading and doing business as Penn Highlands Clearfield, property in Lawrence Township, $150,000.

John P. and Pamela M.Samanka to Roy Properties LLC, property in DuBois, $65,000.

Virginia L. Clemence to Chester Z. Graffius, property in Woodward Township, $110,000.

Emiel L. and Linda S. Carey to Robert L. Cline Jr., property in Lawrence Township, $110,000.

Cory K. and Tanya R. Rogers to Brian C. and Heather Ann Shaffer, property in Sandy Township, $295,000.

Sage Resources Inc., formerly known as Sage Properties Inc., to Branden R. and Deanna L. Root, property in Lawrence Township, $144,001.

Huntingdon County

David R. Fisher to Dale Remensnyder, property in Logan Township, $24,700.

Janet F. and Susan L. Reck to Tollgate Holdings LLC, property in Mill Creek, $60,000.

John S. and Dorothy I. Yoder to Uptown Dwellings LLC, property in Huntingdon Borough, $57,500.

Larry W. and Rodney L. Peterson and Denise K. Norris to James R. McMahon, property in Porter Township, $122,500.

Peggy J. Grove to Zachery T. Cowan and Samantha D. Ramsey, property in Mount Union, $35,000.

Pamela L. Alkins to Bryant T. and Rachel C. Bliss, property in Smithfield Township, $126,500.

Randy A. Jr. and Vicki S. Stever to Brandon L. Cox and Melissa Gordon, property in Shirley Township, $79,500.

Derek R. and Stephanie A. Harmer to Anthony O. Guiliante, property in Mill Creek, $85,000.

Matthew E. and Lynn M. Peachey to Meredith R. Flick, property in Walker Township, $233,000.

J. Elaine Lamberson to Gregory J. and Lori L. Ferner, property in Franklin Township, $282,000.

Ronald E. and Melissa Lucas to Cory M. Sisto, property in Mount Union, $41,500.